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Energy of the Soul


One of our earliest pilgrimage sites, the mirificial Szentkút (Holy well), as well as our thematic pilgrimage trail and sacral waypoints offer a refreshment for both body and soul in Jásd.

Our settlement has a unique spirit. One of the earliest pilgrimage sites is the Szentkút in Jásd, its healing waters have cured the lame. Progressive Benedictine monks have built their monastery as Jásd in 1146.


Catholic spirituality is still prominent in our settlement, most prominent in the following liturgical sites:

♦ The Szentkút at Jásd, a chapel for summertime masses and a calvary

♦ A Waypoint of the Saint Mary's Way

♦ A Waypoint of the Three Pilgrims' Way – at Bodajk, Csatka and Jásd

♦ The Church of Virgin Mary Regina Mundi Catholic Church

♦ Our thematic route titled 'Crucifixes and wayside crosses' consisting of 16 waypoints


* Maps for our thematic route is available at our Berry House.

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