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The Kottyán house, the former inn of the settlement, was once the largest house in the

village. The “U” floor plan building was built in the late 18 th century and was originally owned

by the Zichy family. The house and its yard were revived in the spring of 2015: gardening and

landscaping works began with the offering of the villagers, and the process continued with

the collection and reception of exhibits. Since then, it has operated as a traditional house of

the region, where permanent and temporary exhibitions are held. There is the Slovak room

of our Slovak community, with old Pávakör(=local cultural preservation society)memories

and furnishings. In the kitchen, there is an oven and a stove providing the place of our

gastronomic days. The cellar is open to the public. In the spring of 2020, embraced by the

250-year-old stone walls, aninteractive exhibition space, information point and community

hallwas built in the old outbuilding, called Bodzaház, based on the house-in-house design

principle. The building complex can be visited by purchasing a ticket.



An earth fort encircled by two ramparts, which survived in pristinc conditions. Some researchers argue, that the fortification was constructed during the Early Árpádian era and a consisted of a tower house in the middle. Some argue that it was a pagan sacrificial ground.

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The gorge of Gaja Stream (Hungarian Gaja-patak is the most beautiful canyon in the Bakony Range. It is located between Bakonynána and Jásd.

NAGY-KŐBÁNYA (highly protected)


At the beginning of the 20 th century, rock mining took place in the village,on the site of Nagy- kőbánya and Kis-kőbánya. In the large quarry, which has now been abandoned, some of the rock layers contain rich fossil fauna, mainly ammonites, but a mineral called Jásdit* can also be found here. In the 20 th century, the stone mined in the Nagy-kőbánya was used in the construction of roads.The currently protected geological section belongs to the area of Bakony-Balaton Geopark,therefore our village joins the European Geoparks Week program series at the end of May every year.

*Geologist István Vitális, who also dealt with economic geology mapping, named the mineral found in the Eocene coal deposits of Jásd as JÁSDIT. Coal mining took place only for a short time in Jásd, at the foot of Varga-hegy

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The lookout rising above the beech forests grants a splendid vista of nearby settlements and the windmills of Szápár. The tower can be approached from Jásd and Tés on foot after a few minute walk. One must follow the lookout signs that branch off a track from the well-trodden National Blue Trail.

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