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The Wheel turns


Our thematic roundtrip route titled 'The Wheel turns' leads visitors through the many wheel-themed sights and attractions of Jásd, Szápár, Bakonynána, Öskü and Tés villages. Enthusiasts are aquainted with the wheel of time, the workings behinds the wheels of windmills and watermills, the rotunda (circular church) and round dumplings 

It is our undisguised goal to present those, who undertake this six-stop journey with some of the most interesting locales, spectacles and scenery of the five settlements.


The Jásdian segment of our route presents you with the Catholic liturgical wheel of time and the chronology of the Church, as well as with the rare treasures of our church. Another station presents the mechanism of the old Poós Grinding mill powered by a water wheel. Visitors are invited to trek or cycle to Szápár, to get a glimpse of the operation of the windmill at Szápár.

The nearby Tés Windmill may be reached on foot, along the National Blue Trail. The Dutch-type windmill is open all year round.

Bakonynána is well known for its round duplings, which are one of the main courses on its annual Dumpling Festival held every August. This waypoint of our thematic route may be reached through the Roman baths gorge, along the Avar ramparts and Szentkút in Jásd. Our information panel is placed near the Regional House.

The furthest waypoint of our thematic route is located 25 km from Jásd, at Öskü, where visitors are welcome to visit the Round Temple (Rotunda). The edifice was erected in the 11st century with an oval nave and a conical roof. 

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